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Week 2: Day 2: LISS

Hi, actually I planned not going to the gym on Monday, and wish a walking session on the beach. But I guess I got addicted to endorphin. Late night I went to gym and run for 30 minutes, walk for 15.. one favourite oblique move.. and woola done.. tomorrow will be hard. 

Week 2: Day 1: Legs and Cardio

On Sunday, I’m glad that I had enough time to do it all. It was a real challenge though. 40 minutes RESISTANCe.. than 45 minutes LISS (running - walking mixed) some oblique and triceps moves.. 2 hours in total.. 

ı didn’t remember that skipping rope is this much harder.. :S

After that I sleep like a baby:D

Week 1 : Day 4: LISS

hello:) LISS for 45minutes with medium incline (max 7)
then one oblique move with 2x 5kg weight
3x15 triceps with machine
butt moves with machine for 3minutes

2times stretching moves.. both sides of course.

and today is done.. tomorrow is the final resistance day of the week.

Week 1: Day 3: Arms and Abs

after a 5 minutes warm up, ı find  small space for me, and get started. first turn is fine but 2nd turn the push ups is so hard. I was all sweety and out of breath. 2 minutes rest then the abs section is started. and side sit ups kick my butt hard. I couln’t done 2 times in 7 minutes because I was so slow with the sit ups. but in total this day is a little easier than the first day. I recovered in such short time. and then a 40 minutes power walk.. (little runs for 30 seconds in between after 25 minutes) 

I really want to finish this 12 weeks.. I hope ı can survive:D

Kayla’s BBG Week 1: Day 1:

I’ve been working out for 4-5 times a week before I decided to start Kayla’s programme. and I was familiar with the moves. And ı hope it would be a little easy.. Boy I was wrong! 

My gym is so crowded and it’s hard to find a space to do the circuit traning. On the first day I asked my boyfriend to train with me, so that I can commit and continue.. We were almost having a heart attack..He counldn’t finist the second time of the second circuit.. And I counldn’t do 10 burpess and have to drop the weights while I was on the bench. 

and we have to rest more ithan 3 minutes in betweens.. first day is tough. but after we finished and rest a while, I was fine and happy to get it over with..

althoug Kayla suggested to split the sessions, ı didn’t have time son ı did LISS afterwards. 35minutes power walk and I was done :) 

Before starting..

Ok, first let me first tell you this. I lost 12 kg from March 2013 to September 2013.. then I trained and diet and lose 3 more kg. ın the middle of July, I was 43.6 kg. (even though it seems less, my body fat is much for my weight, and I wasn’t looking so skinny or thin) I was looking like a 29 years old kid. Any way after vacation and wedding in the end of the summer I was 45.5 kg. And I started to go to the gym once again.. But now we are in fall.. and I’m 46.5kg.. yakksss.

I hate trying this much and not getting the result I work for.. So I buy the Kayla BBG .. and we will see what’s gonna happen. 

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